Tómas R. Einarsson: STRENGUR

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  • Double bass: Tómas R. Einarsson
  • Percussion: Matthías MD Hemstock
  • Waters Sounds: creeks, rivers, lakes and sea
Strengur includes twelve songs for double-bass, percussion and water sounds. Einarsson recorded different water-sounds in the countryside where his ancestors lived and these sounds mix with the percussion and the double-bass which here is the leading voice.  On the DVD one can listen to the music and follow the movements of the water. Strengur was performed for the first time at the Reykjavik Arts Festival 2011 and has already earned accolades from critics:
“One could think that it would need some patience to listen for an hour to a slow double-bass music along with minimal percussion and water sounds, but it turned out quite differently.”
**** ½ Vernharður Linnet, Morgunblaðið, Reykjavik, Iceland 3/6 2011.
“A brilliant CD.”
**** Ingi F. Vilhjálmsson, DV, Reykjavik, Iceland 22/6 2011.
“Even if the music is in the minimalist vein, it is remarkably impressive.”
**** Gunnar L. Hjálmarsson, Fréttatíminn, Reykjavik, Iceland 7/10 2011.
“A unique project.”
Christopher Giese, Ruhrjazz.net, Germany 30/8 2011
“The Icelandic word “strengur“ usually refers to a string in an instrument. There are four “strengir“ (strings) in a double-bass. But “strengur“ can also mean a strong current in creeks and rivers and there is a “strengur“ between me and my forefathers. All
these “strengir” can be found in the STRENGUR project.”
From Einarsson´s liner notes


Get a glimpse of three tunes here.



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