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Our flagship store and design studio is located in the old harbor area of Reykjavik - which is called 'Grandi' by the locals.  We named our store Farmers & Friends and it’s the only store that carries the entire Farmers Market collection as well as some other carefully selected items that we feel that fit well with our concept.

At Farmers & Friends you can also find a nice selection of Icelandic music (we have released a few albums ourselves), books, bags and boots as well as some nice household items.  We also have a ‘gallery-wall’ dedicated to exhibiting works from our friends in the visual arts.

In May 2017 we opened our second store in Reykjavik.  This store is located at the main shopping street, at Laugavegur 37.

Farmers & Friends

Our flagship store
Holmaslod 2, Grandi
101 Reykjavik
Tel: +354 552 1960

Opening hours 
Mon-Fri: 10-18
Sat: 11-17
Sun: 11-17

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    Farmers & Friends

    Our down town store
    Laugavegur 37
    101 Reykjavik
    Tel: +354 552 1960

    Opening hours 
    Mon-Fri: 10-21
    Sat: 11-19
    Sun: 11-19

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      Other resellers

      We also have a few resellers for our products.
      Here are the main Icelandic ones:


      • Herrafataverzlun Kormáks & Skjaldar

        Laugavegi 59
      • Hrím

        Kringlan shopping center

      Other locations in Iceland

      • Blue Lagoon

      • Airport fashion

        Keflavik Airport
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