Jóel Pálsson: HORN

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The set:

  • Jóel Pálsson:  Tenor saxophone and contrabass clarinet
  • Ari Bragi Kárason:  Trumpet and flügelhorn
  • Eyþór Gunnarsson: Piano, Rhodes piano and Minimoog
  • Davíð Þór Jónsson:  Hammond organ, Minimoog, bariton saxophone and electric bass
  • Einar Scheving:  Drums

All tracks by Jóel Pálsson. 

Recorded and released in 2010.

"Horn, Pálsson's fifth recording as a leader, mixes hard-edged jazz-rock fusion, ECM-ish modal jazz, and complicated-but-humorous Zappa-esque progressive rock. Despite their polished surfaces and crafty melodies, Pálsson's compositions are deceptive—they never quite go where anticipated. (...)  
Despite—or maybe because of—its unusual provenance Horn is an exceptionally impressive recording, full of fascinating compositions, first-rate musicianship, and inspired interactions. "


"Fandenivoldsk islænding begår en af årets store plader"
- politiken.dk,  25. júlí 2011


"... This is an unbelievably good CD, and it doesn’t say anything to award it five stars, when all kind of mediocre works are awarded with five stars…..everything is melted into the Jóel-ish style , that has already influenced many of our younger saxophone players….Horn is Jóel’s primary work until now.  Where he goes from here will be exciting to hear.”

 - Morgunblaðið, desember 2010


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